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"You shall do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord." Deut. 6:18



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Read what some of our patients are saying.

The entire staff at Trinity Orthodontics provided top notch care during my 19 months in braces.  As an older client, I was a high maintenance for the staff, calling  them and coming in often because I was concerned about things that the younger braces patients are likely not concerned about.  They seem to recognize right away that I want going to be an easy customer and always scheduled me with the same orthodontist assistant, Susan. Susan is not only extremely skilled, but she is a very kind person as well, listening to all my concerns and treating me with kid gloves.  The front desk staff was equally accommodating, having someone return my calls promptly or getting me in to see  Dr. Nelson as soon as possible.  They are as nice and friendly in person as they are on the phone!  . Dr. Nelson always thoroughly answered all my questions regarding treatment. His expertise, patience and skill reassured me every step of the way.  I highly recommend Trinity Orthodontics to anyone considering braces.  - Cindy J.

Trinity Orthodontics did an amazing job on my teeth. I never thought that I would have the teeth that I wanted, but they made it happen! - Marty

Assistants are always caring and kind - Cody G

This is the second kiddo to get braces from Dr. Nelson and the staff. We are looking forward to another great experience ! - Claire M.

Everyone is always, and I mean always, polite and courteous - Christina S.

I had a great experience at Trinity. They picked up when I already had braces and were able to get me in and out very quickly.  Mainly, they were able to work with my hectic schedule and get me through the process as quickly as possible. - Calen

When I was first told I needed braces, I was panicking, but thanks to Dr. Nelson, it wasn't so bad. Trinity Orthodontics made the process easy to understand.  I also loved that it focused less on telling you what you can't do (like eating certain foods) and more on how you do things. - A Gamieniak

My experience with Trinity has been amazing. Couldn't ask for a nicer doctor and team. Dr. Nelson is so nice and  funny. Everyone is friendly.
- M Envey

I would highly recommend Trinity Orthodontics and Dr. Nelson. The staff is always friendly and willing to answer any questions. As an adult with braces I appreciated their willingness to meet my needs and make me as comfortable as possible while wearing braces.- L. O'Conner

My son Gaaron's teeth were horribly crooked, but Dr. Nelson got them straightened out and in less time that originally quoted.  Off of the staff were always courteous and professional. - T. Morganfield

I am so glad I decided to go through with braces and especially doing Invisalign as it was easy and made such a difference in my smile and my smile and my confidence level.  I recommend anyone interested to check it out!  Trinity orthodontics was great to work with, they are so sweet and excited to help people.
- Sharma

Trinity Orthodontics has an amazing staff. They are always so nice and they meet every one of your needs. they always respect your time and they take their time to do an incredible job with all that they do! It is also a Christian organization and the staff portrays God every time I am here. - Allure

It was awesome! I knew getting braces was going to be very tough and painful, but Trinity did such a great job! I felt like I got them on last week - it went by so fast! I cant give enough thanks to you guys ! This is such a big thing to have good teeth, and now I finally have a nice clean smile!
Thank you so much!  - Ethan

Exactly the kind of orthodontist I was looking for. Straight forward and not wasting my time. Able to give me the financial information in 20 minutes not 3 separate appointments later. Thanks. - Joshua Z.

Not only do I feel confident and fortunate that my daughter is getting the absolute best expertise in Dr. Nelson's care, but each time, she is served by the same practician who is amazingly skilled and personally invested in my daughter. - Sadie B.

Every person I interact with gives excellent customer service, and communicates in a clear and concise manner with out sacrificing friendliness - Megan S.

Everyone is SO amazing - we have enjoyed every person that we have worked with. - Zoe M.

I would say that everybody that I have delt with has been outstanding when it comes to customer service. From my first visit, it was like seeing old friends, felt very comfortable.I would recommend Trinity Orthodontics not only to my family and friends, but everybody that I talk with that is looking for some orthodontics or TMJ treatments. - Dean T.

Couldn't ask for a honest & better orthodontist! - Samantha C. 

Thank you Dr. Nelson and staff at Trinity Orthodontics for professional and excellent treatment! It has been a wonderful experience and I am so thrilled with the results! Thank You! - Ulrika G.

I took my daughter to get braces with Dr. Nelson a few years ago and was very happy with how the entire staff treated her and I so now I am back to get braces for me - April G.

I found Trinity Orthodontics to not only be a warm and friendly environment, I also found Dr. Nelson and his assisting nurse to be extremely knowledgeable in explaining every option and process to me, I would have no hesitation to recommend this practice. - Maya R.

Friendly, put my kids at ease. No rushing into braces! - Sierra G.

Dr.Nelson was Awesome! He made Owen feel very comfortable and did the procedure in a patient / quick way so Owen did not have any pain to the area the work was done. We are very pleased with our service we have been provided. All 3 of my Sons have always recieved the best care at Trinity Orthodontics! - Owen C.

All were great! I told my mom that day that everyone is so happy everytime I have been to your office. So refreshing! - Jennifer C.

The office as a whole was phenomenal in their approach with my son and I. I'm excited to be working with them over the next year as myself and my son will be starting our braces with them. - Melanie T.

Everyone is always so happy and kind!  - Patricia S.

I appreciate that clear expectations were set at every appointment and the results were quicker than promised - Edward F.

Everyone is awesome here - Sara C.

Everyone on the staff is amazing.  - Evan W.

Would recommend Trinity to the whole of the USA if it were possible. Could not hope for a better orthodontic experience. Everyone truly seems to enjoy their jobs and is joyous to be serving. From day one to nearly the end nothing but the top level of care, concern, attentiveness and kindness from every member of the staff. Being a nurse and working in health care I cannot say that about any other experience I have had regarding the medical profession. I truly believe being Christ based impacts what each employee brings forth. - Robert G.

Everyone in the office are great people and to me, they are all outstanding. They are all very caring, kind, patient and understanding. I have always been treated very well and have never had any reason to complain. I think very highly of Dr. Nelson and his whole staff. Great people and they do great work!  - Juanita L.

We are new and what we have experienced, I would recommend Trinity Orthodontics! - Emerson K

We LOVE Dr. Nelson! He is definetley honest & does not pitch services not needed like some of the other local orthodontists. - Jen W.

3 of our kids went through him! He used to be my neighbor. He is truly a wonderful honest guy. - Nancy S.

I Love an Orthodontist that is honest and doesnt put braces on until your child has lost their baby teeth !! He gave an honest consultation. - Jen J.

Your office by far, has been one of the most efficient, courteous and knowledgeable medical facilities I have ever been to. From walking into the office, and being greeted in a genuine fashion by the front desk, to scheduling appointments.  I don't remember the two ladies that were helping me on Nov11th, but they were exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. My visit was extremely comfortable from beginning to end and I was so impressed with their demeanor and conduct. Dr. Nelson not only has the clinical knowledge and experience to serve his patients with a high level of orthodontic care, but his warm and caring demeanor just made the visit that much more exceptional! Thank you - Kayden L

Dr. Bryan Nelson is the most caring and technically efficient orthodontist I have ever heard about.  While I had my treatment over 10 years ago, in my middle 40 ’s, I still consider it one of the most important decisions I have made in my life. I am so glad I made the decision to go with Dr Nelson for this most important treatment. His caring and expertise stands out as the highest level I have ever come across. At the time Dr Nelson was in practice with other doctors and I was always very happy when he was the one that would check out my progress. It is no surprise that as he branched out on his own he has expanded his success. My treatment needs were tricky and needed to be coordinated with other professional which he handled perfectly. The end result looks great and so natural. Thanks Dr Nelson  I give him 10 stars out of 10. - Rodney M.

My kids and I feel like we are with family, everyone is THAT nice! In this day and age where every orthodontist is putting braces on baby teeth, it is nice to hear "let's wait and see what happens as you grow!" - Jake C.

Service was perfect, and I felt that the doctor explained everything to the level I needed it. I loved the fact that the Dr. Bryan wasn't trying to sell anything to me and explained everything to me what needed to done for my child's treatment.
 - Shruti J. 

Everyone always very nice to me. Always a smile and hello and asked me about myself.I have completed the main course of treatment and could not have had a more positive experience - Robert G

Trinity Ortodontics has been great to myself and my family. My older son received treatment for 4 year and I received treatment for 2 years. Our experience has been very professional and all of the staff is very friendly. I have enjoyed every time that I have visited the office. I was a little disappointed once my braces were taken off because the staff is so friendly and welcoming. I will be looking forward to taking my younger son to his appointments. The entire office is very friendly and professional - Santana L. 

Ryland got his jaw expansion portion of ortho done this week, and he looks amazing! We love everyone that works at Trinity... truly the nicest staff anywhere. -  Ursa

We have been to several consultations for braces, this was the only place my daughter and I felt comfortable and in good hands - Jade 

Who ever came up with complimentary visits for braces...awesome!! For a business I am just floored! And for a doctor that cares so much for his patients...beyond believable! How does it thrive? I'm sure word of mouth - Jaedin

Eveyone in the office makes an effort to say hi and make you feel welcome, like family! Dr. Nelson goes above and beyond to address concerns and is truly invested in your overall health as well as your oral health.- Shiela B

All of the staff always should be recognized for being outstanding - Austin

The whole staff is great, we love Susan, Sue, Sandra, etc - Breanna

We have had three of us treated by Dr. Nelson and went somewhere else for a quote and came right back to Dr. Nelson! I have always been treated very well by the staff both in person and on the phone -Ahliana

Everyone has been star players ! We've only been with you all a shirt time but we are very pleased with the entire office. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, professionalism, friendliness!  - Mary J.

I would say all the office staff has been outstanding. I have had to deal with everyone throughout our 2 years at Trinity and you gals are fantastic. - Nicole K

I love coming to my appointments everyone is so friendly and accomodating
- Pam

The entire staff was beyond what you expect when going to an orthodontist. I felt excited to have my braces placed. Thank you all so much. - Amber

The staff  made us feel right at home with their warm welcome! Also, Dr. Nelson makes us feel like we know what's happening with our daughter's teeth and we're doing what we need to be. Thanks!  - Anonymous

Everyone we have dealt with has been amazing to us. - Ryland

The staff was friendly and professional and the procedures were clearly explained and there was no pressure to "get it done" and pay! Also, my 9 year old daughter was the patient, and the staff made sure they dealt with her first.
- Elana

The whole team is fabulous. Keep up the good work ! - Karrie

I had a really good experience at your office and I liked everyone who works there. Everyone is so nice and so happy! I will for sure tell all my friends and everyone I know about you! Its the first time I haven't been uncomfortable at dentist. Thank you! - Mckalea

Dr Nelson is such a wonderful doctor. He speaks to my daughter in terms she can understand and is very kind. We have nothing but positive things to say about Trinity Orthodontics.- Tristene

I would recommend Trinity Orthodontics to family and friends we had the best experience with Dr. Nelson and this staff. My daughters teeth look beautiful. Dr. Nelson and his staff are always friendly and professiona.  - Anonymous

The staff was very friendly and courteous and Dr. Nelson has a very good customer rapport when explaining the work that needs to be done.  - Anonymous

We feel very confident that we are working with the best Orthodontist and his staff are amazing. Everyone is friendly, warm and knowledgeable.  - Anonymous

Great Service! I came in for a mouth piece to help stop snoring. I was real impressed how friendly everyone was and how professional the process went.
 - Anonymous

Fabulous place and amazing staff We had a great experience here! First time getting braces for my twin girls. Staff is very friendly and made my girls very comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get braces! - Madison

Love this ortho and staff! We have been patients of Dr. Nelson's for 3 yrs. now. My daughter has an underbite and a crossbite. She has not yet been given braces as a part of Dr. Nelson's cautious/wait until she grows more approach. She will require them, definitely, but until she does, Dr. Nelson happily sees her once, sometimes twice a year (at the request of our skeptical dentist). We thoroughly trust Dr. Nelson's methods. We haven't been billed a single dime. Still blows my mind that this provider has invested in my daughter without compensation. Except for a smile or 2. We've referred and would commend this practice to anyone seeking HONEST, INTEGRIOUS orthodontic care.   - Kayden

Dr. Nelson knows his business and cares about his patients. His experience is key to his success with a smooth and comfortable experience for our kids. Thanks for all you do Dr. Nelson - keep up the amazing work! - Jacob

Great Experience!!  The staff is friendly, always answer my questions and got back to me in a reasonable time, place is really clean and the seem to know what they're doing - Israel

Wonderful service as always! Dr. Nelson's staff is always friendly and happy, easy to work with. I would strongly recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone. - Tyler

Always excellent!! I love this place! Everyone is always super friendly, and knowledgeable! I'm happy that I was referred to Trinity!  - Stephanie S

Very  professional and friendly - Maria P.

Thank you Dr. Nelson and staff I was struggling with a very difficult case of TMJ when referred to Dr. Nelson. He and his staff were very aware of the special treatment I required and the outcome of my treatment was amazing. Thank you for all you've done. I don't believe it is overstating the case to say you made a very positive improvement in my life. - Karen R

(5 stars) best orthodontic  office
Awesome people that care about you not just your teeth. - Heather D

Excellent, truthful & cares about patients - Anonymous

Excellent office & I tell everyone to come see Dr. Nelson. You guys care about your patients more than making money off unneeded procedures. - Anonymous

Expectations Exceeded Every Time Having braces put on your 11 year old child can be a scary thought when neither parent has ever experienced it before. From the moment we walked into Dr Nelson's office we felt comfortable. He was friendly, spoke to my son since he was the patient and most of all honest!! It actually was almost 2 years from the first time we saw Dr Nelson until he thought my son was "ready" for treatment. The whole office is friendly, and eager to answer any questions you have. There are no hidden fees or false expectations. We love Jen, one of the assistants, and feel she goes the extra mile every time! We couldn't be happier. Thank you Trinity Orthodontics for making our first time pleasurable!!! - Caelum

Dr.Nelson and his staff are friendly and inviting. More importantly having known several of his patients, his work is done with competence, leaving beautiful healthy smiles on each of his patients. I am very confident leaving my family in his care. - Happy Patient 

 Look no further -- go with Trinity!

We have been extremely pleased with Trinity Orthodontics for our children's orthodontic needs. I think what impresses me most is Dr. Nelson's philosophy of waiting until kids have all of their adult teeth in, because problems seen with baby teeth sometimes correct themselves when the permanent teeth come in. He and his staff have always been professional, friendly, and caring. I'm so happy our dentist recommended him to us!   - Barbara

I have two daughters needing braces right now and Dr. Nelson and his office staff have been extremely helpful in explaining everything along each step of the way as well as explaining finance options. They are incredibly nice and great with kids! It's also comforting to know it's a Christian practice with nice Biblical quotes all over the office! - Maelin H.

Hi!, I want everyone who reads this to know that I am having a good experience with my braces and with everyone in the office.  They know what they are doing. This is the best place to come for braces.  -  Tanden  (13 yrs old) 

"I wanted to thank you for your orthodontic assessment of my daughter Sarah.  I was preparing for a $3000.00 bill when you informed us that you thought we should wait to put on braces until after her 12-year-old molars erupted. You said that even though several other orthodontists had told us she needed braces at least a year earlier, you could not morally recommend something you knew was not the best for our daughter.... I just wanted to thank you. I know that recommending that children wait to get braces is not financially beneficial to you, but that the treasure you are storing up in heaven is even more precious than the worldly treasures you are passing on."  - K Laird

"It is difficult to find a doctor that is totally upfront and honest with you. I was expecting to have to start my nephew on braces within 3 months of his appointment. Well, I knew he needed braces, but we don't have to start for another year or two, because we still had to wait for some teeth to fall out and others to come in. I've been to other orthodontists who wanted to start him two years ago, and then immediately now. So, I would recommend you just start out and finish with Dr. Nelson. It will be worth your time and money to have it done right the first time. Honesty was top priority and Dr. Nelson will do that for anyone who walks into his office."  - Donna

 "Thank you Dr. Nelson and all of your wonderful staff for your awesome witness, your kind smiles an your compassionate hearts!  All three of my daughters, Caitlin, Hannah, and Addison have had the privilege of being served by you and I just want you to know we appreciate you and your great message about spreading the love of Christ this Easter season and always! 

- Mom of Trinity patients

"I continue to be wowed by the  level of courtesy, and the work ethic of you and your staff."     - Amanda 

"I moved from San Diego and I left all my friends and everyone I love... Since I met you all, you  have made me feel so welcome, it's made my being here much easier."  - Barbara

"By far, this is the best medical/dental experience I have ever had!" - Janet 

"I love my new smile! It's so exciting to go out and smile and show off the "new" teeth. ...You guys are the best. It's great to be done, but I will miss seeing you all."  - Cheryl 




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