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    May   2017 Newsletter 

VIP Referral Program

We are so grateful that you are patients in our practice and we would love to have more patients like you! So to show our appreciation we have created the VIP Referral Program!

Here is how it works!

Refer anyone to our office for a New Patient Consultation & receive a gift from us! The patient must mention your name in the consultation to receive the credit for the referral. Gifts include:

1st Referral:                         $25 Visa Gift Card

2nd Referral:                       $50 Visa Gift Card

3rd Referral & beyond:      $75 Visa Gift Card

A gift certificate for $5000 to Genie Travel!

The patient who refers the MOST new patients to our office from
 April 10, 2017 until April 30, 2018 will win:

A gift certificate for $5000 to Genie Travel!

The gift certificate does not expire & you can use it towards any trip anywhere around the world!   The patient must mention your name in the consultation to receive the credit for the referral.
More details coming soon.

We will keep a running tally of the patient referrals on social media so you can keep track of where you are throughout the year!


MAY - AUGUST 2017 TRINITY CONTESTTrinty Orthodontics Dr Bryan Nelson
Where In The World Is Dr. Nelson?

Take the Dr. Nelson pic-on-a-stick with you on your summer vacation.
 Snap a photo with his smiling face in it & email it to us. Furthest AwayFunniest and Most Creative photowins a  $50 Visa Gift Card!


  • Contest open to current patients
  • ONE entry per category per patient only
  • PATIENT MUST BE IN PHOTO WITH THE  DR. NELSON PICK-ON-A-STICK, but  family members, animals or other people can be in the
    photo too.
  • Photos must be taken in actual environments -  no staging or photo shopping  allowed.
  • Full name, office where you see Dr. Nelson (Thornton or Arvada), date & place where photo was taken must be submitted with your entry.
  • BE CREATIVE! There’s lots of opportunities to include Dr. Nelson in your vacation (think camping trips, visiting Grandma…)
  • Deadline for entries is Monday, August 28th, 2017
  • Photos must be emailed to by 8/28/17 to be considered.

If you prefer to print and deliver your photo it  must be Turned into the front desk by 8/21/17



Congratulations to our winners of the"Hoppin" guess on how many Jellybeans are in the Easter Jar! Closest!

Arvada office winner: RIchard (Vincent) Galgano
Thornton office winner: Glynn Sheehan

Congratulations to our winners! They each received a $50 Visa Card.

Dr. Nelson is one of the few Premier ELITE Providers in the 

     Denver Metro area!

Selecting the right doctor for any medical need is an important decision, it is the same for choosing an Orthodontist. You want to choose a highly experienced professional that understands your needs and can give you the results you are looking for.

 "Invisalign trained" providers have achieved a significant level of experience in treating patients with the Invisalign system.   Did you know that there are five Invisalign® provider designations? They include General, Premier, Preferred, Elite, and Top 1%.

To qualify as an Invisalign® General Provider, dentists must perform at least 10 Invisalign® cases per year. To earn the designation of an Invisalign® Premier Provider, dentists have to have conducted a minimum of 50 total cases as well as continue to treat at least 25 cases every six months. In comparison, an Invisalign® Preferred Provider has to treat 100 lifetime cases and 50 cases a year.

The next designation is an Invisalign® Elite Provider, which requires the dentist to have treated over 300 patients with Invisalign®. Additionally, Elite Providers must also continue to conduct a minimum of 50 cases every six months. Lastly, to reach the Top 1% designation, dentists must treat 800 lifetime cases and continue to perform 200 cases a year. Dr. Nelson is an ELITE Invisalign provider. This distinction means that the he has a proven record of successfully treating patients using the Invisalign system. He is also an Invisalign Teen Provider; having a proven record of successfully treating teenagers using the invisalign system

If you are looking for an Invisalign provider for your teenager, or if you simply want to be sure your dentist is highly qualified to treat your smile using Invisalign, it is best to be sure you are visiting an office that ranks well with the Invisalign company itself.


Trinity Orthodontics uses the latest technologies to give you the most accurate diagnosis and absolute best results! 

With our new Itero Element Scanners, we take three-dimensional digital images of your bite and teeth. NO more sticky putty impression trays needed for invisalign cases! Images are uploaded directly to invisalign for a better turn-around time to receive your invisalign trays and start treatment! 

Dr. Nelson is one of the few Premier Preferred Providers in the Denver Metro area! Dr. Nelson has  treated hundreds of invisalign cases and is part of the top 5% of Invisalign providers in Colorado! With this many years of experience and completion of invisalign cases, why would you go anywhere else for Invisalign treatment?

Do you want to increase your tooth movement time by up to 50% faster?  Accelerate your treatment with AcceleDent! It is a removable and non-invasive appliance that vibrates gently to stimulate the movement of your teeth. Approved by the FDA, the acceledent appliance is worn in a patient's mouth for 20 minutes daily. It works with traditional braces and Invisalign.

I have been in practice for over 22 years and have developed a philosophy of treatment I like to call minimally  invasive orthodontics.  What this means is that I want to do the least amount of treatment for patients  to obtain the best result.  In particular this means avoiding doing treatment on young children with half of their primary teeth  still present.  The only time this is needed is if there is permanent damage occurring to the teeth and, or gums, or if there is a significant cosmetic concern on the part of the family.  Rarely is doing treatment to make room for permanent teeth necessary.  It is less traumatic and less expensive to have a baby tooth removed, to help guide an erupting permanent tooth, than doing braces.  Correction of one-sided posterior crossbites is one of the main reasons for early treatment as this skeletal asymmetry may cause the developing jaw joints to form incorrectly.  If you have any questions about my philosophy please let me know and I would be happy to discuss it with you.


Dr. Nelson received his diplomat status in TMJ/sleep apnea from the American Academy of craniofacial pain August 2014!!

CONGRATULATIONS DR. NELSON on all your hard work!!
The AACFP is a highly regarded association of dentists and doctors with an interest in craniofacial pain and dysfunction

The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain is committed to the relief of craniofacial pain, temporomandibular disorders and dental sleep related disorders and supporting the advancement of education and research. (read more)

Rubberband Reminder App from I-Tunes       (click here)

Do you want to get out of braces faster? 

If yes, this is the app for you. RubberBand Reminder TM will send you alerts to remind you to wear your rubberbands. In addition, it has a setting called "Challenge" that will ask you throughout the day whether or not you are wearing your rubberbands. You simply answer 'Yes or No'. And you must be honest! RubberBand Reminder TM will track your progress and display a graph and a letter grade that you can show to your parents, friends or your orthodontist. 

The bottom line is: If you wear your rubberbands consistently you will get out of braces faster and that decreases cavities, scarring, bad breath and gum disease. 
Do yourself a favor and download RubberBand Reminder TM Now

Letter from Dr. Nelson

I have just returned from a national symposium on sleep apnea (February 2014) . Most of the speakers were experts in sleep apnea from the medical field. Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, Pulmonologists, Neurologists and Pharmacologists. They all discussed the importance of collaboration amongst dentists and the medical physicians to effectively treat this life threatening disease. They informed us that a research study from the National Institute of Health (NIH) showed that untreated sleep apnea decreased a person's life by 10 years! The dangers of untreated sleep apnea include high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, headache, extreme sleepiness and cognitive impairment, relationship dysfunction and overall decrease in the quality of life.

Many car accidents are the result of people falling asleep at the wheel. In fact, patients with untreated sleep apnea have a 10 times higher chance of a car accident than patients that do not have sleep apnea. This also translates to accidents in the workplace as well.

Being excessively tired leads to the inability to deal with the demands of work, family and every day life due to impairments in cognitive functioning. Recent research shows that children with untreated sleep apnea have a lower IQ than kids that do not have it. Research needs to be done to see if this lowering of the IQ is permanent or improves with treatment.

Childhood sleep apnea has only recently come the forefront of medicine. It has not really made it to the dental profession yet, but is getting there. Many children have obstructed nasal airways from structural defects in the nose, allergies swelling the nasal mucosa so much that they cannot breath through their nose, narrow upper jaw (maxilla) causing narrowing of the nasal passages just to name a few. Chronically enlarged tonsils and adenoids is one of the main causes. Inability to breath causes unfavorable changes in facial growth patterns as well. Pediatric sleep apnea can typically be treated by removal of the tonsils and adenoids. Orthodontic expansion of the palate is also needed many times in order to improve nasal breathing. Sometimes nasal surgery is needed to open the airway.

Untreated sleep apnea in children can lead to changes in facial growth, obesity, cognitive disturbances causing poor school performance and behavioral problems. Many children are diagnosed with ADHD then treated with a stimulant drug known as Ritalin.

Proper diagnosis and treatment for adults and children with sleep apnea is imperative. It could save your life and definitely improve the quality of your life. We are committed to educating our patients about the problem and the treatments we provide to help you live a better life. Now that is something to smile about! God bless you.



Trinity Orthodontics is proud to sponsor dozens of special events throughout the year to celebrate our neighborhoods, educational programs and other diverse opportunities those in need.

Please see the attached guidelines  for proper submission of sponsorship requests.
All sponsorship request must go through the se guidelines. (Sponsorship Guidelines)

Proposals and inquiries must be submitted at least one months prior to the sponsorship event deadline for consideration.                                

Thank  you in advance for the opportunity to be part of your special event! Please understand we are unable to be a part of every event submitted for sponsorship. We may not be able to support your event financial, but please know we will be supporting you through prayer. 



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