We believe in simple straight teeth for super busy people. We give our customers thorough consultations , solve their concerns, and set them up for a great experience in our office. We focus on being highly informed with trends, mastering techniques, and intimately understanding their anxieties. We aren’t afraid to deviate from the traditional conventions to enhance the experience for busy professionals, moms, and kids. We educate on the truth about orthodontics, explain the process, and straightforward options. Our mission is to design as many smiles as possible.

Better Availability

We know that smiles wait for no one. While other offices may be closed on Saturdays, we make sure we are ready and pumped to serve our patients.

The Doctor that Doctors Recommend

When other experts are intimidated by complex situations, they send to us.

Faster Results for Less

We have lowered our suggested retail price to match the cost of braces so our patients can make a preference decision not based on expense.

Deeper Consultations

We look beyond just straighter teeth. We give a well-rounded evaluation including bite correction, related health prevention, and in-depth explanations on our procedures.

Shorter Appointments

We know you have a busy life. Our doctors are readily available, appointments are easy to schedule and remember, and our average appointments are roughly 15 minutes. In some circumstances, Invisalign allows for fewer and quick 5 min follow-ups.

More Than Smiles

We also build an informed health-conscious community. We love to get personable with our patients so we can better serve their busy lifestyles. We help to make the process easy, fast, and enjoyable. We also enjoy getting involved in the community to support a vibrant, growing, and safe environment for our children to flourish.