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I have had a great three years at Trinity Orthodontics. I love the atmosphere, and the doctors and staff are wonderful!! I have also had great results with my smile and would recommend Trinity Orthodontics to anyone
– P. Guzman

We started and stopped with tow other orthodontists. Dr. Nelson gave us an honest evaluation and has taken great care of our daughter. We will be back for our son as well, Thank you so much!
– E. Campo

Dr. Nelson is an amazing Orthodontist. All five of my children have been fortunate to have him as their orthodontist. They all have beautiful smiles now. Everyone that works in his office are amazing too. My kiddos have always felt comfortable with all of them. I would recommend and do recommend him to everyone! Love, Love, Love them all.
– T. Semmen

Dr. Nelson and all the staff at Trinity Orthodontics are extremely professional and friendly. Every time I walk in the door, I am always greeted on how my day was/is. All my appointments are done in a timely manner which is good for school and work applications. I would recommend Trinity Orthodontics for all your Orthodontic needs !
– James N.

I have always been embarrassed of my overlapping teeth, but Trinity Orthodontics gave me the option of Invisalign and was the best experience! My Jaw would also pop constantly, and now I fee so much better and my jaw no longer hurts.
– Nikki M

Dr. Nelson is probably the funniest and coolest Orthodontist! He also knows what he is talking about, and I only needed my braces for a year because of him. I would give him a solid 10 stars.
– Brandt S

After my treatment, I noticed I smile more and am much more confident in my expression. It was quick and virtually painless.
– Samantha C.

I had a great experience at Trinity Orthodontics. The staff and the Orthodontists are so friendly. During the Year and a half I had my braces on, I’ve noticed how dramatic of a change my teeth have gone through.
– Brigham B.

All the staff are wonderful people who obviously enjoy their work. They are always friendly and helpful.
– Tracy W.

My experience as a new patient was amazing! I don’t know if I have ever felt so comfortable and welcomed as a patient! I was beyond impressed with how well I was treated as an incoming patient! The open communication, knowledge, and thoroughness of Dr. Nelson and his staff were amazing! Lisa was wonderful! She was extremely welcoming, thorough, and accommodating! The way in which she communicated was very effective and made my visit that much better. Dr. Nelson was just as amazing! I’m comfortable in knowing that I’m in the right hands! I was blown away that Lisa and Isabel worked into, and almost through, their lunchtimes just so that I could start treatment (and not have to drive across town again). I will absolutely recommend Trinity Orthodontics to family and friends! Thank you!
– Kristin M.

This is our second child to have braces with Trinity Orthodontics. We used different providers for our two older children. Our experience with Trinity has well surpassed the level of service, expertise and professionalism we experienced previously! Our daughter was very nervous for the visit as she had to have her gums cut away to expose the tooth. Dr. Czarnik did a great job explaining what he was doing and making her feel as comfortable as possible.
– Megan

We appreciate all the attention Grayson received at ALL his appointments. Staff was always courteous and helpful when answering questions. We Loved that Dr. Nelson informed us of Gray’s progress even when it always wasn’t favorable. trinity and our family worked as a team to inure Grayson’s success with braces. He is very happy with the results. He smile even more now. Thank you.
– Son

This was a wonderful experience . When I first got my braces they were very painful, but now that they are off, my teeth look beautiful. I had an extreme overbite and my lower teeth were very tight, but now they are all perfectly aligned, and I am very happy with how they look.
– Darcey

The team is always pleasant and helpful throughout my treatment. From answering the phone to seeing the Orthodontist, everyone is working to treat me with great service and quality of care. I got to know the girls throughout and they knew me by name. My teeth look great and Grateful for the care.
– Amy

I really enjoyed it here, everyone was nice and gentle. I was able to feel comfortable whenever someone worked on me. In the end, all of what everyone did got me to amazing results. I am glad I went here.
– Maegan

Dr. Nelson and his staff have been pleasant and very helpful. I feel comfortable coming to his office and I am very happy with how my teeth look like. Thank you.
– Marta

Dr. Nelson has been very helpful answering any questions I may have and he is committed to actually fixing my bite (not just getting it to where it feels good). The rest of the staff here is also very friendly.
– Samantha

Great Experience! My first time with braces, and was the best I could have ever imagined! The staff here are so nice every time, and I never thought my teeth would look so great! It took less than a year! Definitely taking my brother here. Thank you guys!
– Puurich

The staff made us feel right at home with their warm welcome! Also, Dr. Nelson makes us feel like we know what’s happening with our daughter’s teeth and we’re doing what we need to be. Thanks!
– Anonymous

Everyone we have dealt with has been amazing to us.
– Ryland

The staff was friendly and professional and the procedures were clearly explained and there was no pressure to “get it done” and pay! Also, my 9 year old daughter was the patient, and the staff made sure they dealt with her first.
– Elana

The whole team is fabulous. Keep up the good work!
– Karrie

I had a really good experience at your office and I liked evederyone who works there. Everyone is so nice and so happy! I will for sure tell all my friends and everyone I know about you! it is the first time I haven’t been uncomfortable at a dentist. Thank you!
– McKalea

Dr. Nelson is such a wonderful doctor. he speaks to my daughter in terms she can understand and is very kind. We have nothing but positive things to say about Trinty Orhtondics.
– Tristene

I would recommend Trinity Orthodontics to family and friends. We had the best experience with Dr. Nelson and this staff. My daughter’s teeth look beautiful. Dr. Nelson and his staff are always friendly and professional.
– Anonymous