trinity orthodontics

ARA stands for Active. Rest. Active!

It is the prepayment plan we offer here at Trinity Orthodontics! 

We want to make this process easier for you, to prevent a bigger bill in the future!

Active. Rest. Active is the proprietary protocol where we ACTIVELY move teeth to correct current problems (crowding, impaction, restricted airways, etc). We then REST the teeth using a “retainer like” clear aligner to hold the correction from the first “Little Kid” ACTIVE treatment this is done until all the permanent “adult teeth” erupt. Lastly, we ACTIVELY begin moving the teeth to their ideal position to finish the treatment.

What is the ARA Prepayment plan? 

The ARA Prepayment plan allows for you to prepay during the Rest phase for the second ACTIVE phase. This allows for you to pay down the balance of the second active phase and allows for you to “lock in” the current price for the second active phase. Prices have the capability to go up in the years to follow, which is why the ARA Prepayment plan is convenient and beneficial!

How much does the ARA Prepayment Plan require?

There is no set amount! You decide what you are able to pay each month and how much you want to have paid off before the next anticipated “start” date. This is an option for multiple children at a time to get the best price “locked in”.

Am I able to get a refund?

Yes! There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you decide to not move forward with treatment.