What is the F.A.S.T System? 

F.A.S.T stands for Few Appointments Straight Teeth!

Here at Trinity Orthodontics we want you to get the smile of your dreams in the least amount of time and with the least amount of appointments.


Your time is valuable and it is hard/expensive to get time off work. If you have kids it is an absolute nightmare to get them pulled out of school. We want to save you the headache (and the PTO). That is why we created the F.A.S.T System!

The F.A.S.T system saves you $$$! 


By lowering your soft cost’s! A soft cost is any additional expense that was not considered or factored in to the original price or decision.


Soft cost example: 

Typical amount of PTO needed to take off for an appointment= 3 hours 

3 X 24 appointments (typical amount needed for traditional orthodontic treatment) = 750 hours needed off from work! 

That equals thousands and thousands of dollars (yes, you read that right).

WOW! That is way too much time and money if you ask us!


It is our priority to reduce the amount of unnecessary appointments by utilizing  Virtual Appointments and providing a high level of patient education! 


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