The Trinity Orthodontics Interceptive Treatment Philosophy

Why do we do this? I thought we waited until they were in their teens and did one big phase, like they used to back when I was younger? 

The reason why we recommend seeing your child around the age of 5 is to have as ideal dental/facial development as we can.  Interceptive treatment allows for the adult teeth to be guided into ideal alignment which in return improves long term stability. Without interceptive treatment, the adult teeth fully grow into position most of the time in improper areas. Improperly placed teeth can sometimes result in crowding which could cause impaction, leading to expensive oral surgery and sometimes procedures to pull teeth that have not came down yet or at all, this procedure brings the tooth down and into the proper area. Requiring a lot of time, money and patience.

Are there medical reasons Interceptive Treatment help with? 

Yes, there are a few medical reasons that Interceptive Treatment was assist with providing a solution these are as follows;

  •  Restricted airway (inadequate airflow through the nose, excessively large tonsils).
  • Facial deformities (resolved by widening the roof of the mouth, removal of the tonsils/adenoids
  • Improper bites can cause tooth wear/fracture on permanent teeth causing permanent damage
  • Crowded teeth, interceptive treatment makes room for adult teeth to come in straight. Improving long term stability to remain straight through life.
  • Improved oral hygiene, decreases cavities and gum problems which get rid of recession which alleviates the potential for gum grafts down the road.

What are signs that my childs airway could be restricted? 

They are as follows;

Can I tell by looking at their tonsils? 


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