“You shall do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord.” Deuteronomy 6:18

Dr. Nelson anticipates the launching of his book “OrthoDON’Tics” – a whistleblowing manual on the malpractice and unethical tactics of the orthodontic industry.

Dr. Nelson is excited to bring this to his patients and parents to prevent unnecessary spending, pain, and confusion. His mission is to inform the community, empower families, and design perfect smiles for heightened confidence and health. Dr. Nelson anticipates the release of his new book in late 2018.

Dr. Nelson will help you understand:

  • How to recognize a great doctor
  • The severity of particular cases
  • How to know which solution is right for you
  • How to know what is reasonable as a financial investment
  • How fear is used as a tactic to spend more
  • The truth about early treatment for young children
  • How to save money, stress, and fewer appointments for busy people

Learn about how your smile affects everything.

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  • Pete M

    Having known Dr. Nelson for years I can strongly recommend him to take care of your othordontic needs. You will also enjoy his comfortable friendly office. He has treated my wife and kids with braces. -

  • Laura Y

    You are in the best hands with Dr.Nelson and his staff. When I was working in the dental field all of our patients were referred and happy with Dr. Nelson. As a patient I am completely confident that all work being done is necessary and will be done to exceptional standards. -

  • Melanie Cox Abel

    Dr Nelson with Trinity Orthodontics is the very best! My boys had regular check ups with him at no cost until they started braces a couple of years ago. I love that he is conservative and recommended we wait until they were a little older before having just one round of braces each. All the staff are amazing, my kids always get excellent care no matter who they see, and they always get seen promptly whether for routine appointments or last minute ones with the inevitable broken bracket or poky wire. Dr. Nelson always has time to answer questions and has even made recommendations for me over the years, I have the utmost respect for him and his practice. -

  • John & Jennifer C

    Two of our children are being treated by Dr. Nelson, and our third will be starting soon. Dr. Nelson and his staff are awesome, friendly and caring. We started with Trinity a couple of years ago, and the only regret that I have is not finding them sooner. Knowing that Dr. Nelson will not do any procedure that is not needed, I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an orthodontic evaluation. -

  • Itzayana P

    I got seen a few months back for some jaw pain. I just wanted to let Dr. Nelson know that he took much of my pain away. And I would like to thank him because I was told that I had TMJ which is extremely expensive to treat. He saved me thousands of dollars. Not to mention that his whole staff is so sweet and friendly. They are a very personable practice. I would recommend them to anyone! -

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