Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

The Trinity Two-Phase Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Nelson & Associates are rather conservative with their approach to orthodontics. This stems from their belief’s that minimal orthodontic treatment is best for the patient. Several current studies show that, except for cosmetic improvement, or cases with permanent damage occurring to the teeth or gums, that early phase (phase 1) treatment with braces or other appliances is NOT NECESSARY.

While it’s normal for a parent to want their kids to look the best they can at all times, the results of most early phase treatment are short lived and do not benefit jaw growth and/or functionality long term.

In his 25+ years of practice, Dr. Nelson has found that starting braces on kids once their permanent molars are in is the best time to begin, usually around ages 11 to 14. The precise method he uses addresses most all orthodontic issues, and produces amazing results in tooth placement and bite correction in a short period of time. Treatment times typically range from 11-18 months in braces.

If you’ve had another office or a friend tell you that early phase orthodontic treatment is necessary or expected for your child, please get a second opinion from Dr. Nelson.


Life with Braces