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Confidence of Change Event

Join us for a fun evening with Tracey Revell, a confidence coach, and our very own Dr. Bryan P. Nelson. They will cover how confidence directly impacts your overall health and how you can strengthen it. This event is great for the whole family including your spouse and children.

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OrthoDON’Tics – A book by Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson anticipates the launching of his book “OrthoDON’Tics” – a whistleblowing manual on the malpractice and unethical tactics of Orthodontists.

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Pet Lovers Flag Giveaway

We invite you to join our community on Facebook and enter into our Pet Lovers Flag Giveaway. Two lucky winners will win this solid wood Colorado Flag with a heartwarming pawprint, graciously built by Veterans Woodworks located in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Take Dr. Nelson with you on your vacation and you could win an awesome prize. We reward the farthest photo and the most creative.

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Dr. Nelson is one of the few Premier ELITE Providers in the Denver Metro area. He is the #1 Invisalign Provider in the Northern Rocky Mountain Region!

Selecting the right doctor for any medical need is an important decision, it is the same for choosing an Orthodontist. You want to choose a highly experienced professional that understands your needs and can give you the results you are looking for.

“Invisalign trained” providers have achieved a significant level of experience in treating patients with the Invisalign system. Did you know that there are five Invisalign® provider designations? They include General, Premier, Preferred, Elite, and Top 1%.

To qualify as an Invisalign® General Provider, dentists must perform at least 10 Invisalign® cases per year. To earn the designation of an Invisalign® Premier Provider, dentists have to have conducted a minimum of 50 total cases as well as continue to treat at least 25 cases every six months. In comparison, an Invisalign® Preferred Provider has to treat 100 lifetime cases and 50 cases a year.

The next designation is an Invisalign® Elite Provider, which requires the dentist to have treated over 300 patients with Invisalign®. Additionally, Elite Providers must also continue to conduct a minimum of 50 cases every six months. Lastly, to reach the Top 1% designation, dentists must treat 800 lifetime cases and continue to perform 200 cases a year. Dr. Nelson is an ELITE Invisalign provider. This distinction means that the he has a proven record of successfully treating patients using the Invisalign system. He is also an Invisalign Teen Provider; having a proven record of successfully treating teenagers using the invisalign system

If you are looking for an Invisalign provider for your teenager, or if you simply want to be sure your dentist is highly qualified to treat your smile using Invisalign, it is best to be sure you are visiting an office that ranks well with the Invisalign company itself.

Trinity Orthodontics uses the latest technologies to give you the most accurate diagnosis and absolute best results!

With our new Itero Element Scanners, we take three-dimensional digital images of your bite and teeth. NO more sticky putty impression trays needed for invisalign cases! Images are uploaded directly to invisalign for a better turn-around time to receive your invisalign trays and start treatment!

Dr. Nelson is one of the few Elite Preferred Providers in the Denver Metro area! Dr. Nelson has treated hundreds of invisalign cases and is part of the top 5% of Invisalign providers in Colorado! With this many years of experience and completion of invisalign cases, why would you go anywhere else for Invisalign treatment?


Trinity Orthodontics is proud to sponsor dozens of special events throughout the year to celebrate our neighborhoods, educational programs and other diverse opportunities those in need.

Please see the attached guidelines for proper submission of sponsorship requests.
All sponsorship request must go through the se guidelines. (Sponsorship Guidelines)

Proposals and inquiries must be submitted at least one months prior to the sponsorship event deadline for consideration.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to be part of your special event! Please understand we are unable to be a part of every event submitted for sponsorship. We may not be able to support your event financial, but please know we will be supporting you through prayer.

Please contact Jessica for sponsorship opportunity:
Jessica Gonzales
Community Liaison